Bed Bugs have made a serious come back over the past years.  The idea of something sucking your blood as you sleep is beyond anyone’s comfort zone and Stampede Pest Control is the place to go to get control over any bed bug issue.

getting rid of bed bugs celina txHow Do You Get Bed Bugs? – Bed bugs are very good at hitching a ride on you or your belongings without you ever knowing.  Any place where people constantly visit is an opportunity for a bed bug to relocate.  Hotels are a major location for bed bugs since people spend all night sleeping.  Other locations might be movie theaters, airplanes, restaurants, subways, buses and when sleeping in other’s homes.  Just because you have bed bugs, doesn’t mean you’re dirty or you’ve done something wrong.  Five star hotels can have bed bugs.  The key is having a thorough inspection done and get a treatment ASAP to help minimize the infestation.

We use specialty products designed to eliminate not only the adult bed bugs, but also the egg sacs.  Above and beyond the products we use we comgetting rid of bed bugs prosper txmunicate to you exactly what it takes to eliminate this problem once and for all.  You will receive a checklist of items that must be done before we enter the home to eliminate the bed bug infestation.  We will thoroughly inspect and treat every piece of furniture in the room.  We will dis-assemble furniture and check every possible hiding place to eliminate the infestation.  We will treat the walls, baseboards, outlets and lights in the room.  This is a big job and that’s why it’s important to make sure the company you choose does the job right.  A bed bug treatment is no place to cut corners and find the cheapest price available.  That being said, Stampede Pest Control is competitive on pricing and the best at servicing.
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