Mosquitoes have been a nuisance for centuries.  They prosper in various types of weather conditions but must be around standing water to lay eggs and progress to their next stages as larvae and pupae.  The mosquito egg stays in the water until emerging from the casing of a pupa as an adult.

Great Ways to Eliminate the Life Cycle of Mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate standing water of any kind from around the house.  We often see old buckets, tires, kid pools, planting pots, bird feeders and much more with stagnant water, inviting mosquitoes to come infest. Get rid of any stagnant water around the house.
  • Don’t over water your yard.  Mosquitoes will be drawn to your home if it’s regularly damp and moist.  You’ll find them hanging on the under side of foliage from trees, bushes and grasses.
  • Level out any low spots in your yard.  Mosquitoes can go from an egg to an adult in as little as 4 days!  Those low spots can often hold water for more than a week given the weather conditions.
  • Make sure their is good drainage throughout your yard.  This goes hand in hand with leveling out low spots.  If you provide a wet, conducive habitat, mosquitoes and many others pests will invade the area.

Mosquitoes can still invade your property even if you do everything listed above.  The truth is you can’t control what your neighbors do and you can’t control the weather and habitats in your area.  Mosquitoes find everyone’s yard and that’s why we have a real solution to eliminate these disease carrying insects that make your outdoor living intolerable.

Monthly Mosquito Misting

Stampede Pest Control will come to your home on a monthly basis and mist or fog your property.  We will target your trees, shrubs and any harboring spot by mosquitoes.  The products we use are safe for the plants, for you, your family and pets.  We use natural based products that leave a residual allowing there to be protection long after we leave.  This service is performed monthly and an economic way of controlling mosquitoes.

Mosquito Misting System

Stampede Pest Control offers a high quality mosquito solution made by MistAway.  MistAway has been a leader in the mosquito misting industry and offers an easy to use and functional digital system.  With this system you get a small hose around your fence and house.  Every 10 feet you have a nozzle that mist out a fine product that pushes mosquitoes and many other pest away from you home.  The product used is natural based and leaves a residual behind allowing there to be protection throughout the entire day.  The system is programmable and you can choose to run it at your discretion,  It even comes with a remote allowing to start the system with a push of a button.  There is no better solution to complete mosquito control than a mosquito misting system by MistAway and Stampede Pest Control.

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