Termite Control in Houston and Dallas

Termites can damage your property’s foundation, walls, furniture, floors, ceilings and more. In fact, termite extermination and the following home repairs cost more than every natural disaster combined in the United States. If you suspect that there may be termites in your home, call Stampede Pest Control today. We offer absolutely free termite inspections in the greater Houston and Dallas areas, and recommend that all property owners schedule termite inspections at least once per year.

Signs of Termites

The most common sign of a termite infestation is visible mud tubes leading from the ground to any part of your home. These tubes are roughly the diameter of a pen or pencil, and are used by termites to get from their nest to food sources and back. For the fastest termite infestation treatment, ask about our liquid termite control services.

Standard Termite Warranty

$15 per Month
After you have received a termite inspection and your home is found to be termite free, we recommend our “Standard Termite Warranty”. With our Standard Termite Warranty, you get the peace of mind of knowing that if your property is ever infested with termites again, it won’t cost you a penny more to eliminate. We will conduct a yearly inspection to ensure that the home remains termite free. This will include any liquid treatments needed to eliminate the infestation of your home. It will also include up to $5,000 in needed home repairs due to subterranean termite damage.

Gold Termite Warranty

$25 per Month
After you have received a termite inspection and your home is found to be termite free, the premium level of protection is our Gold Termite Warranty. With our Gold Termite Warranty, you receive termite prevention services in addition to ongoing termite pest control services. Our licensed technicians will install termite bait stations around your home and inspect them semi-annually to make sure the perimeter of your home is termite free. If we find subterranean termites in the bait stations, we will reload the bait inside the station and perform a liquid termite treatment to eliminate any infestation. Simply put, the Gold Termite Warranty will stop termites before they can get to your home. It also covers up to $25,000 in needed home repairs caused by subterranean termite damage.



Appearance: Roughly 1/4 inch long with six legs and straight antennae. They shed their wings seasonally, and are often confused with flying ants.

Habitat and Behavior: For protection, termites don’t typically appear in the open. When they do, it’s often a swarm. Swarmers take flight together when it is time to expand their colony.

Diet: Termites are natural recycling centers amd eat dead plants, dead wood, feces and more. Unfortunately, their diet and the breakdown of cellulous is a major contributor to the greenhouse gas methane.

Control: A combination of preventative termite bait stations and professionally administered liquid termiticides are recommended for the treatment of termites.